Wind turbine – power generator Dragon

Dragon wind turbines – original design of DOSPEL

The DRAGON home wind turbine was created from the idea of breaking down a large wind turbine with a power of up to 1.5 kW into 3 smaller ergonomic turbines – so as to provide the user with a device that is easy to install, does not require permits and eliminates additional costs, e.g. the use of a crane – generating electricity in each zone wind – remembering that the average annual wind speed in Poland is 2.6 – 3.8 m/s, we constructed a turbine that starts generating electricity at wind speeds of 2 m/s. These technical conditions of the DRAGON wind turbine put it in first place in terms of benefits for users.

Easily reduce your electricity bills with DRAGON

No assembly problems because DRAGON is delivered on a pallet, already assembled, you just need to unscrew it.

Installation takes place without the use of heavy equipment. The DRAGON turbine is easy to lift and place in the designated place. Instead of troublesome, expensive installation using a crane, a single DRAGON can be easily moved to any place using muscle power – it has compact dimensions of 120 cm in height and 80 cm in diameter and weighs only 32 kg.

DRAGON frees you from the need to obtain consents and permits – a 1.5 kW installation consists of 3 DRAGON turbines with a power of up to 500 W each. We can benefit from government funding for both purchase and installation. This allows for a shorter payback period and increases profitability.

No service inspections. Nothing can go wrong here! Perfect balance and a covered, centered generator guarantee efficient and failure-free operation. The heart of the device – a disc power generator with ball bearings, does not require service inspections. The elimination of friction elements significantly affects the operating characteristics of the turbine

When does the wind blow?

The wind power is crucial for wind installations. The average annual wind speed in Poland is 2.6 – 3.8 m/s.

The DRAGON home turbine was designed to start with the lowest possible wind force. DRAGON generates electricity from wind with a force of 2 m/s, which means that its electricity generation is constant and uniform, unlike large wind turbines. While other wind turbines are waiting for their take-off speed, which is often much higher than the national average, DRAGON is already generating electricity.

Maximum optimization for a specific location

For efficient operation of a wind turbine, it is necessary to determine the wind strength in a given location. DRAGON is a universal device because it can be equipped with a diversified control system, and thus adapt its operating characteristics to a specific location.
It is possible to install a 12, 24 or 48 V controller in this device. In areas with very little wind, a 12V controller will be suitable. In areas with medium wind, 24V. In high windy locations, a 48V controller will be appropriate.
To determine what controller we need, check the average wind strength in the place where we plan to install DRAGON. It is easy to check this using available platforms, for example meteoblue, and select the appropriate driver on this basis.

Map of wind zones in Poland based on average wind speed per year

1. Average wind speed in Łeba in 2022

2. Average wind speed in Warsaw in 2022

3. Average wind speed in Jelenia Góra in 2022

Quiet, durable, safe

A vertical wind turbine generates significantly less noise than a horizontal one. Dragon can be installed in close proximity to human habitation, also between buildings. It works great when mounted on flat and sloping roofs of residential buildings. Moreover, thanks to the use of ball bearings, Dragon is very quiet, generating no more than 44dB at a wind speed of 8 m/s.

The structure has been tested for durability in wind tunnels and in extreme natural conditions. The model is resistant to very strong winds and rapidly changing weather conditions. DRAGONs are equipped with an electric brake. You can safely mount the device and secure it if necessary.

… and yet modern design
DRAGON’s design puts it at the forefront of this type of devices. Aesthetic and universal, it will not disturb the harmony of the surroundings and fits perfectly into classic and modern architecture.

Many mounting options

Installing the turbine is not difficult. The device can be used directly on the roof, on the wall of a building, or on an independent mast. Dragon will work equally well when mounted on farm buildings or gazebos.

The aim of reducing the weight of the device was, among other things, the possibility of mounting it directly on the roof in order to avoid the costs of masts. For supporters of installations on masts: good news! Masts up to a height of 12 m do not require a permit; a notification to the Commune Office is sufficient. DRAGON home wind turbines are recommended in a package of 3 x DRAGON 500W or a multiple of the package, depending on your needs. The minimum recommended distance between turbines is 1 m. The batteries to which we connect the turbines can be connected to energy banks in series or parallel.

For yourself, for the next generations

Converting wind kinetic energy into electricity is available to everyone. Being both a producer and a consumer, we not only create our energy independence, we also directly influence the energy and ecological awareness of the younger generation.

DRAGON will allow you to use even the lowest wind strength, at any time of the day and any time of the year!

Technical data of the Dragon turbine

Rotor diameter:80 cm
Rated voltage:12-48 AC
Turbine height:120 cm
Generator:three-phase (3f) with neodymium magnets
Starting speed:from 2 m/s
Rated speed:11 m/s
Total weight:32 kg
Hamulec: Electric
Work system: Off-grid
Noise level according to the PN-EN 614000-11 standard: <44dB przy 8 m/s w odległości 3 m
Working temperature:From -25° C to 45° C
Compliance with the standard:CE, IEC 61400