1. What percentage of heat recovery can be achieved with the Dospel, BERLUF units?

Our units recover up to 95% of heat.

  1. Are KRO type closed grilles available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer KRO type closed grilles.

  1. Why are the grids in different shades from the white palette?

It all depends on the raw material used to produce a given production batch.

  1. Do we have a mobile service technician? As in the case of servicing the control panels?

Most often, telephone assistance is enough, in other cases repair at the customer’s place.

  1. Do we implement a ventilation concept?

If necessary, we provide assistance in selecting appropriate products.

  1. Can we undertake a valuation based on the bill of materials?

Yes, please contact us.

  1. Where can I find manuals and catalog cards for your products?

On the website in the “Customer Zone” tab

  1. Do your recuperators work with the smart home installation?

In the case of the Selen ERC20 control panel, it is possible to connect it to the building’s BMS system.

  1. How to choose a fan for a room?

When selecting a fan, you should take into account the type of room, its purpose and volume. After calculating the volume, we multiply it by the air exchange rate for a given room.

  1. How to choose a heat recovery unit for your home?

The basis is calculation. It is best to contact a specialist in this field.

  1. How to properly adjust the humidity sensor?

Adjustment using the potentiometer located in the controller in the direction of the + or – arrows

  1. Can electric fans be used in apartment buildings?

The combination of gravity and mechanical ventilation is prohibited.

  1. How to improve ventilation in an existing building?

The simplest way is to install air vents in windows or walls; you can also use mechanical ventilation or heat recovery.

  1. Will the MAB anti-smog filter work with competitive devices?

Yes, they will do their job.

  1. Can a carbon monoxide sensor be additionally installed in your home units (recuperators)? If so, which ones?

Yes, you can install additional sensors, one of these control panels is, for example, OPTIMAL. If you have any doubts, please contact our consultant.

  1. How is the air filter installed in AHUs (in which direction should the arrow drawn on the filter point)? Does it matter?

We install the filter in such a way that the arrow indicates the direction of air flow, this affects the correct operation of the filter.

  1. How to connect the WCH fan?

Connect the cable to the places marked L and N, bridge L and T using the light switch.

  1. Do you carry out ventilation projects?

At the moment, we do not carry out ventilation projects.

  1. What is the warranty period?

Our products have a warranty of 5 or 8 years. It all depends on the product, more information in the catalog on the website or from a consultant.

  1. Do we provide training for sellers?

Yes, training takes place regularly, please contact us.

  1. Do we offer recuperation?

Of course, we have a wide selection of heat recovery options.

  1. Is it true that COVID can accumulate in ventilation ducts?

The virus has the ability to survive, depending on the type of surface, from several minutes to even several days in very rare cases.

  1. Do we service recuperators at customers’ premises and how?

Heat recovery units are serviced at the customer’s premises after prior notification of the problem.

  1. What is recuperation?

Recuperation is air exchange with heat recovery.

  1. Which fan should be used in a large bathroom?

Due to the increased humidity and volume, a fan with higher efficiency must be used. By simple calculations given in the product specifications or with the help of a consultant.

  1. Can I control recuperation with my phone?

Of course, provided it has Wi-Fi functionality.

  1. How to set up a fan with a humidistat?

The humidity sensor is set using a potentiometer in the controller.

  1. How does the complaint process work?

Complaints are considered after prior notification.

  1. Do we have 12V DC fans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such fans.

  1. What is the availability of products?

The stock level is replenished on an ongoing basis. There are temporary shortages due to the current global situation. We strive to meet the huge demand for our products.

  1. What is the time to process the order?

Typically, the order fulfillment process takes several days, depending on the availability of goods and the number of orders.

  1. Exchange of non-rotating goods?

We fill the places of non-rotating goods with new products.

  1. How does the WCH switch work in our fans?

The fan turns on when the previously set humidity level in the room is reached.

  1. What is the system for matching round plastic ducts to fittings (diameter 100/104) so ​​that the whole thing fits together?

We offer a large selection of connectors.

  1. How does the Medic filter work?

The filter is used in places with high levels of pollution. It has a very high level of filtration.

  1. At what temperatures does ByPass work in our exchanges?

Outside temperature +15 degrees C and inside temperature +22 degrees C

  1. How can you program the Optimal air handling unit controller in 7-day mode?

Based on the Technical and Operational Documentation.

  1. What high-temperature fans do you offer?


  1. Is DOSPEL a 100% Polish company?

Yes, DOSPEL is a 100% Polish company, all production takes place in Poland using Polish components.

  1. Does DOSPEL have post-warranty service?

Yes, post-warranty service available.

  1. Gdzie można zamówić wasze produkty?

Where can I order your products?

  1. How to choose an industrial fan for the conditions at the destination (exhaust gases, paint shop)?

The fan should be selected based on the product specifications, and in case of a problem, please contact us.

  1. Can they buy directly from DOSPEL?

At the moment, we do not conduct retail sales (except for service parts).

  1. Is there a distributor in my province?

The list of distributors can be found in the “Map of Dospel distribution points” tab.

  1. Which fan has a warranty period longer than 2 years?

the shortest warranty period we provide is 5 years, so to answer the question – everyone.

  1. Does DOSPEL have ventilation grilles with gravity shutters?

Yes, we invite you to read the catalogue.

  1. What do the symbols on the fan packaging mean: S, WC, WCH, WP?

S-standard, WC – timer switch, WCH – timer switch with hygrostat, WP – pull switch.

  1. Do we have fans with automatic blinds?

Yes, for example the Polo model.